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Door Automation

The ideal door automation solution for any building will combine aesthetically pleasing and seamless design with building management functionality that allows safe, reliable and convenient pedestrian flow.

Proudly partnering with European manufacturer Erreka and utilising over two decades of local experience, the complete range of Seamless Automation solutions offers building owners, managers and users the ultimate in access and egress. Seamless Automation operators are equipped with advanced security and control systems, guaranteeing optimum operation and compliance to Australian building codes.

With flawless technology and elegant design combined with expert advice and 24-hour service support, the Seamless Automation portfolio of sliding, swing and revolving door solutions will offer you the ultimate peace of mind.

Door Scroll

Sliding Doors


The SA-GLOBAL operator is the ideal choice for your most demanding projects, particularly for heavy and high cycling doors.  The SA-GLOBAL is a strong and powerful operator capable of driving all kind of doors. The advanced control board and communication protocols allow for seamless integration with access control systems and other external devices. The SA-GLOBAL Motor is controlled in closed loop ensuring adaptability to the site and building conditions, weight and width of doors. Additionally, in adverse weather conditions such as high winds or installation conditions the drive adapts the motor power to maintain optimal and safe operations.

Technical characteristics

  • Clear opening: 850-3000 mm.

  • Maximum leaf weight: 140–200 kg.

  • Dimensions: 160 x 165 mm.

  • Electrolock fitted with a highly reliable simple effect electric magnet.

  • Extremely strong carrier fitted with three nylon wheels guided between safe tracks that prevent derailment. 

  • Battery powered anti-panic opening system, in case of power supply failure.


Technical characteristics

  • Clear Opening: 850-3000 mm.

  • Maximum leaf weight: 100–140 kg.

  • Maximum leaf thickness: 65 mm.

  • Dimensions: 135mm×165mm.

  • Extremely strong carrier fitted with three nylon wheels guided between safe tracks that prevent derailment.

  • Battery powered anti-panic opening system (in case of power supply failure).

  • Motor force control system with automatic reverse for users’ safety.

The SA-ERTAIN automatic sliding door is designed for high usage traffic environments. The most outstanding feature is its ultra-quiet movement in opening and closing operations. The features of the SA-ERTAIN operator model are adaptable to different installation requirements. It is designed for heavy traffic flow situations and with its near silent operation is ideal for internal or quiet area applications.

Swing Doors


The new and next gen SAPREMIS range of electro mechanical swing doors with identical aesthetic exterior housing has been created silent movement and durability in all swing door applications. The SAPREMIS multiple functions make it ideal to automate commercial entrances, DDA enabled entrances or premises with high traffic density and reduced space. It is designed for continuous and intensive use and can be used in Low Energy or Full Energy working mode and serves to automate both existing swing doors and new installations of up to 200 kg. The SAPREMIS  can be used for both interior and exterior applications (double or single door), and can be mounted on both sides with push or pull arms. Its reduced design of 75mm in height and easy mounting make this model an ideal operator for integration in any environment. The SAPREMIS automatic swing operator has a wide range of functions that allow you to adapt to any type of need, including fully automatic mode, push and go and access control.

Technical characteristics

  • SAPREMIS tested to 500,000 cycles

  • Maximum leaf weight 200 kg (80 cm wide).

  • Maximum opening speed: 3-10 sec.

  • Maximum closing speed: 5-10 sec.

  • Power: 230Vac-50Hz.

  • Torque: 50Nm.

  • Maximum opening angle: adjustable with mechanical stops between 0 and 100 degrees.

  • Operation temperature: -20ºC and + 50ºC.

  • Rigid pull arm (inward opening), articulated push arm (outward opening).

  • Motor power: *****

  • Free passage: 200 kg or 1150 mm.

  • Maximum leaf weight: 200 kg or 1150 mm.

  • Dimensions: 644 x 75 x 138 mm.


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